How to Write an Essay

Does the thought of writing an essay make you groan? An essay can seem like a daunting assignment if writing isn’t a strength for you. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) writing coaches Beth Morgan , John Baker , Meagan Campbell and Kayleigh Michael gave tips on how to write an essay. Steps In Writing A Research Paper If you need research paper writing help, following these techniques and tips will help you along the way. Before You Write Your Essay Choose a topic . Getting started can be difficult, but you can’t move forward in writing your essay without a clear idea of what you’ll be discussing. How do you find a good topic for an essay? Baker said, “To find a good topic, don’t start with what you know; instead, start with what you would like to know. Use your essay to learn something new.” Campbell suggests finding an angle for your essay that fascinates you. “A topic that holds personal interest for the writer will always be easier to write about,” she said. Take time to research and think . You have your topic. Now what? “We have students visit us at this stage very often,” Michael said. “Even then, the topic is often not narrowed down enough yet.” You should also ask questions while doing your research, and include viewpoints that may contradict your own ideas on the subject. “Don’t pressure yourself to have all the answers before you even begin,” she said. Establish a plan . “I recommend making a list of the major ideas to be presented in the paper and decide the most effective order to present them,” Campbell said. “Then, for each of those points, jot down the evidence you will be using to support your claim.” “Check out your outline. Does the paper move logically from one major point to the next? Will you have enough evidence for each point? Does this plan support your thesis or intended message of the piece?” she said. “Identify your gaps in logic before attacking the actual writing.” Trust the process . “Writing is a process,” Morgan said. “It starts with brainstorming and pre-writing, then drafting and receiving feedback and finally revising and proofreading.” Morgan wanted to remind students the first draft is supposed to be rough. “Allow yourself the freedom to write a messy first draft,” she said. “Afterward, you can revise your paper into a polished, clearly understood final paper.” Structuring Your Essay Stick to the basics . “Always have an introduction, a body and a conclusion by the time you are done,” Baker said. “The introduction introduces your main idea, your key points and your purpose for writing. The body develops the key points one at a time, often one key point per paragraph. The conclusion ties everything together and provides closure.” Michael wanted students to remember to state their thesis. ”I’ve seen too many papers that go on for pages without one,” she said. How To Write a Research Paper Research […]

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