Learn Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Creative Writing For Only $20

sankai via Getty Images Contrary to popular belief, no one is born an amazing writer. In fact, most writers live by Dorothy Parker’s quote: “I hate to write, but love having written.” Writing is a skill to be learned and then practiced, practiced, practiced … even if that practice sometimes feels like squeezing blood from a stone.

You don’t need an MFA to be a great writer, though. You can learn how to become a good writer by taking advantage of all the ways the internet has democratized information, especially in the form of affordable online learning courses.

The Improve Your Writing Skills Master Class Bundle has what you need to step up your writing prowess with 18 hours of training in nine different courses for a total of 266 lessons. From writing and editing to publishing and freelancing, this bundle will guide you through the ins and outs of improving your writing.

A course load like this would set you back quite a bit in an MFA program, but lifetime access to this nine-course bundle is only $20 . Here’s what’s included in the masterclass bundle:

Get started with this 1.5-hour introductory course. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of writing, where you’ll apply the four clear principles of nonfiction to improve your writing — starting with just three minutes a day.

Level up your productivity, confidence and creativity with these 16 lectures that focus on concise writing without distraction, procrastination or writer’s block. Hone in on the most important and effective writing techniques to seriously revamp your writing routine.

Turn your novel idea into an actual novel by learning how to structure, revise and perfect your story. Draw your readers in with compelling characters, dialogue, plotlines, world-building and more. Then, get ready to actually publish your novel when it’s complete.

Grasp the tips and tricks of great novel writing and start drafting your own creative story. Dive deep into the various elements that make a novel great and learn the differences between print and digital publishing in this course.

Newspaper articles, short stories, novels and essays would be nothing without strong paragraphs. Gain insight into how to craft quality paragraphs: the building blocks of writing. This 2.5-hour, 17-lecture course will guide you step-by-step to craft excellent paragraphs for better overall writing.

Learn creative writing in this fun, informal course. Get motivated to start writing your own pieces and learn how to silence self-doubt and negativity that can block you from creating your best work. Discover writing tips from a creative writing professional in this 32-lecture, one hour course.

This four-step writing and publishing guide focuses on how to turn your ideas into writing, complete your first draft, polish your book to perfection and finally publish work that you’re proud of. Through 29 lectures and 3 hours of content, you’ll gain useful insight into the process of becoming a novelist.

Explore the possibilities of profiting from your writing and thriving in the freelance economy with this practical 3.5-hour course. Quickly learn the self-promotion tactics of a seasoned freelance writer and […]

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