Nicole Brandon, Acclaimed Writer, Speaks About the Power of Writing

Nicole Brandon, Talented Actress and Motivational Speaker I’ve had the rare opportunity to work on three recent projects dealing with the state of mental health. Each story is a journey and a secret elixir to heal. The authors reveal and uncover challenges of their life in deep and intimate details. Their truth and honesty soothes, captivates, and champions the human spirit and heart. These words can change the course of history and time. The first was a book written by a former District Attorney, who tried to commit suicide in his Law Office. His parents emotionally forced him into the law, and he stepped into a career that was miles away from his heart and soul. His unhappiness consumed him, until he devastatingly tried to end it all on his law office floor.

Once recovered it was imperative for him to write about his journey and to create a book for college kids to teach them to follow their own dreams. The book is an expose on loneliness, and the correlation to unhappiness and of course the heroic and arduous climb back to joy, bliss and unbridled glee. The second is a new and creative TV Series created by Scott Seargeant. Scott grew up with a family member that was marinated in the mental health system. Here he found the love and the humor of living in one’s own private world. His new show focuses on the genius of therapy and the healing when you’re in a shared community. Now I am working on “Never Alone” a new movie and movement with Deepak Chopra, Gabriella Wright and Michel Pascal for Suicide Prevention Worldwide.

New, profound and riveting information from our Medical Community is popping up in almost every magazine, guide and show today. Statistics, facts and numbers of suicide and mental health issues are staggering by any standard. There is no yardstick for such a number, how did this happen? One fact highlighted over, and over again is the focus on “The Written Word.” That’s right, writing can change the course of your health and the quality of your life. Profound information and facts are startling when we look at the power of the written word. Diaries, Journals, Love Letters, Books and even the Press share our thoughts, opinions, ideals, secrets, fantasies, desires, genius and dreams. We each, all of us, have the power to elevate and to illuminate our days. Simply by writing our thoughts we share our soul out loud, a place to see them, and to know they matter and mean something important, vivid and real.

Writing provides an enjoyable and safe way to explore and to express our feelings. Science has proven that when people write about what’s in their minds, they feel better and they just get healthier. Writing is a tool to move past negative emotions and to access positive thoughts. Reaching out thru writing whether it’s a letter, note, greeting card, email, or even a text makes us feel connected even when we can’t have […]

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