‘Writer’s Block’ Is Nothing More Than An Excuse and Myth That Kills Productivity

“I can’t do it. I have writer’s block,” said every writer who ever lived. It is nothing more than an excuse you might tell yourself because you lack the determination and willpower necessary to keep going. ‘Writer’s

How to Write Scientific Fiction: Analyzing Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’

Dustin Grinnell explains how to—and how not to—write more scientific fiction by analyzing Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ and the ways it incorporates believeable elements that are understandable to laypeople. Carl Sagan was many things: astronomer, cosmologist, television personality,

3 Steps To Write A Book With The “8 Hours” Strategy

Looking for a side hustle? Self-publishing is hot, so perhaps you’ve decided to write a book. Sadly, books can take months and years to write. What if you could write a book within hours ? Can you

Candler Comics Writer Matt Wilson Moves Beyond Parody to Find Deeper Humor

Matt Wilson remembers tagging along with his older brother, Brian, to comic book shops near his family home of Shelby, N.C. Brian was interested in the investment potential of comic books. The younger Wilson had a different

Q&A: Atlanta writer Anya Martin on her debut horror collection “Sleeping with the Monster”

“When it comes to horror, I’d say that my stories may leave the reader with a sense of unease or dread, rather than a full-on scare,” says Atlanta author and journalist Anya Martin. Atlanta author and journalist

Inspired by Geoff Dyer I came to boring Ubud to write. The universe had other plans

In Out of Sheer Rage, English writer Geoff Dyer set out to pen a biography of DH Lawrence and instead his process was derailed by procrastination and dissatisfaction. The book is a near perfect depiction of trying

Cheating by paying someone to write your university essay is totally legal – and it’s on the rise

In September, more than 40 university chiefs wrote to the Education Secretary calling for a ban on essay mills amid fears that they are compromising the integrity of degree courses. Photo: Unsplash By Florence Snead and Richard

Historical writer coming to the area

SELINSGROVE — Guy Graybill, of Selinsgrove, is a veteran writer with Sunbury Press, Inc., publishing house of Mechanicsburg, and author of six books, many involving area history, which can be found on the Sunbury Press site, Amazon.com

Diane Warren Talks Writing Empowerment Anthems for ‘RBG,’ ‘The Hunting Ground’

The nine-time Oscar-nominated songwriter also opens up about her difficulties with school and label resistance to her song for ‘The Hunting Ground,’ and talks writing her latest song "I’ll Fight" for ‘RBG.’ "My magic hour is the

Roy Peter Clark is reading and writing about writing

Roy Peter Clark will speak at noon Nov. 17 in the Poynter Institute Haiman Amphitheater. Roy Peter Clark Clark has taught writing at the Poynter Institute, which owns the Times , since 1979. He is the author