Sahitya Aaj Tak: Piyush Mishra speaks on writer’s block, Javed Ali-Wadali Brothers show sufiana andaaz

Mishra also shared he was initially offered Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s role in the 1989 hit Maine Pyaar Kiya Day 1 of Sahitya Aaj Tak saw many literary and musical giants enthralling the crowd. The festival, featuring

How to Write with Authority Part 3: Tone

Welcome back! So far in this series, we’ve looked at the active voice , and how to stay relevant with your content . Today, we look not at what you say, but how you say it: tone

Ready. Set. Write!

Thirty days, 50,000 words. Students in Maria Hummel’s section of English 114 tackle National Novel Writing Month, with guidance from the assistant professor, who is a ’94 UVM grad and three-time novelist. (Photo: Bear Cieri) Tight deadlines

Write While Travelling | Why You Should Keep A Travel Diary

I’m a big fan of writing while travelling, it’s now even my job. But long before I was blogging I was writing a daily recap of my adventures in a travel diary. It helped me in a

Why Annie Lennox Stopped Writing Songs for Almost a Decade

AWARDS Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Annie Lennox performs on stage during the German Sustainability Awards The singer-songwriter — who won an original song Oscar in 2003 — spent the past eight years fighting for women’s rights but agreed

Memoir writing not just for posterity: Author

The key to creating a story that others will want to read, says author Paula Dunning, is to understand that memoir is not actually the story of your life BRUCE MINES — While on trial, just before

Doing it right and being polite: An interview with writer Amy Chavez

Writer Amy Chavez has called Japan home for 25 years. If you’ve spent any length of time consuming English media here, you’ll likely have come across her work — either her “Japan Lite” column for the Japan


Poet & Writer Lorna Perez is an Associate Professor of English at Buffalo State. She tends to stay busy with her work, Poetry readings and her Writing. I thank her for taking the time to answer a

4am starts and spinach smoothies: Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown on how to write a bestseller

Dan Brown: ‘If I wrote The Trump Code, no one would believe it.’ Photograph: Drew Gurian The piano music is insistent, melodramatic. The scene begins under a vaulted ceiling and medieval candelabra reminiscent of the Great Hall

I’ve lost the will to write! Help!

So I have two three theories, all pretty much based on brain chemistry. – Burnout. Before this slump, had you been putting a lot of unrewarded effort into writing or into activities that might be associated with