Irish writer wins $165,000 Windham-Campbell Prize

Danielle McLaughlin: “I’m a new writer, but not a young writer, and so it’s fortunate for me that the Windham-Campbell awards recognise the work of writers of all ages!” Danielle McLaughlin has become the third Irish writer

Interview With ‘Mosul’ Writer-Director Matthew Michael Carnahan

Having just made the highest-grossing film in history with Avengers: Endgame and earning their spot among the most successful filmmakers in cinema history, Joe and Anthony Russo have now produced a film that reminds Western audiences the

‘I always wanted to be a writer’

Author Courtney Maum at her home in Norfolk, Conn. Maum lived in Sandisfield, where she settled in her late 20s and finished her first novel. She wrote “Costalegre” in her Norfolk home. Author Courtney Maum talks about

Queen of fright

a love of Stephen King novels has sparked Tina Callaghan to create her own spooky fiction which has been hailed as terrifying and exciting, writes David Looby Author Tina Callaghan. Photo: Mary Browne With the dark evenings

Stephen King: ‘I have outlived most of my critics. It gives me great pleasure’

Born in Maine in 1947, Stephen King wrote his first published novel, Carrie , in 1974 and has spent the subsequent half-century documenting the monsters and heroes of small-town America. His rogues’ gallery of characters runs the

Three children’s authors on the importance of tough topics in young people’s literature

Almost three years ago, I began writing what would eventually become my first book for middle-grade readers: “ Riverland .” I did so despite having sworn to myself long ago that this was the story I would

If I can write a novel in a day, you can surely write a book in the next six months – Here’s how

You want to write a book, but you can’t find the time to get started? I’m not impressed. I’m going to write an entire novel in one day, sitting in a bookstore. If I can do that,

‘Write On!’ Author shares tips on how anyone can enjoy writing for pleasure

Irene Hannigan Photo/submitted Irene Hannigan has a confession: “For most of my adult life, I’ve been masquerading as a writer.” For the Lexington resident, whose personal and professional life has incorporated the roles of teacher, staff developer,

Best 12 apps and plugins for writers in 2019

Writing is not an easy task. To become an excellent writer, you need a lot of practice and persistence. Whether it’s WordPress blog post, a news article or a novel, a writer spends many hours converting his

Places Are Important Too: Bring Your Book to Life (Part 2)

Lori Freeland You might’ve heard that setting can be a character in your story. But did you know that setting can be as crucial to your story as your character? Location matters. Imagine if The Shining took