Queen of fright

a love of Stephen King novels has sparked Tina Callaghan to create her own spooky fiction which has been hailed as terrifying and exciting, writes David Looby Author Tina Callaghan. Photo: Mary Browne With the dark evenings closing in, people turn increasingly to spooky books and a Co Wexford author, who is highly attuned to the dark side from a lifetime of reading and writing horror and supernatural fiction, has a treat in store for fans of the genres with her second novel, Daughter of the Storm. The award nominated Irish Queen of Fear, as she is known, works, at New Ross Library by day. By night she writes about creatures of the night. Daughter of the Storm is joining the ranks of stories like IT, Birdbox, Stranger Things and Pet Sematary. It has granite and brine salt in its bones. It is a story of ancient blood and buried family secrets on an isolated island braced for the first big storm of winter. In Tina’s first novel Dark Wood Dark Water, she wrote about young adults fighting the unnatural, submerged horrors and vengeful ghosts in a town, Bailey, based on New Ross. In Daughter of the Storm she is showing us, not just the supernatural, but the Super Natural, nature herself, red in tooth and claw. Even the most frightening of natural predators just wants to live. And she will do everything it takes to survive. The book shows us that we are small in the face of nature gone wild, blood vows and patriarchal history, but that when even one person is willing to stand, the battle can be won. It is being launched this Wednesday at 7 p.m. in New Ross Library and the Poolbeg book is available from all good bookshops. What is your new book about? Daughter of the Storm is about the wildness of nature, the danger of ancient secrets, and a fierce, but beautiful creature, marooned on a remote Irish island. How do you describe your style of writing? Free flowing, fast paced and all about the story! What is your creative process? I start writing with an idea of setting and a character, and I follow them wherever they take me. What, in your opinion, are the ingredients in a great book? Characters, conflict, emotion, high stakes and a satisfying ending! What kind of a reaction do you hope your books elicits in readers? Delicious fear and excitement! What is the reality of trying to get published? For most people, including me, it’s extremely hard and a matter of hope, dogged persistence and some good luck. To make it, you must work on your craft, keep on sending work out, and never, ever give up. Where do you hope to be with your writing in five years time? In the same place, writing new stories at my desk! However, I want my books to be in as many hands as possible, around the world. I write stories so that they will […]

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