Nicole Brandon, Acclaimed Writer, Speaks About the Power of Writing

Nicole Brandon, Talented Actress and Motivational Speaker I’ve had the rare opportunity to work on three recent projects dealing with the state of mental health. Each story is a journey and a secret elixir to heal. The

Key Steps to Get Started in Creative Writing

Creative writing can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, a lot of individuals with the desire to write often struggle to get started even though they feel that they have it in them to write stories,

You’re on Your Way: An Interview with Jamie Mason

IF YOU ASK a group of crime novelists to list the most exciting stylists working today, Jamie Mason’s name is bound to come up. In many thrillers, the language is workmanlike — plain, even. The suspense is

How I Get It Done: Writer and Activist Naomi Klein

Doing the Most is a special series about ambition — how we define it, harness it, and conquer it. Journalist, writer, and activist Naomi Klein is the author of seven books, including No Logo , The Shock

Rocker now writer Liz Phair dives deep into emotion, memory

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When she began writing her new memoir, Liz Phair found she wanted to tell inside-the-mind stories, not behind-the-scenes stories. “I’m more interested in the life of a human being than I am about

7 Traits of an Ethical Content Writer

Internet Marketing Ninjas Services. A Message from Jim Boykin: Twenty years ago, I started Internet Marketing Ninjas. Today we employ 48 in-house Ninjas totaling over 300 years of experience across the team. We create content and brand

Living with Pat Conroy

Pat Conroy had a hard time writing less than a thousand pages at a time — much to his editors’ chagrin. Living with Pat Conroy was a similarly overwhelming experience. “It was a story a day, that’s

Experts reveal their top tips for how to write a book

If you want to know how to write a book , we’ve got the answer. While it’s a daunting task, it’s not impossible and here, experts share their top tips to help you get published. November marks

Every writer stands to improve their writing—here’s how

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Removing the Mystery From Mystery Writing: 13 Tricks Used by Acclaimed Novelists

Photo: Everett Collection What makes reading a good mystery so satisfying? A writer’s hard work. A complex story à la Gone Girl doesn’t just pop out of a writer’s brain fully formed on a random Tuesday. Giving